Word Cookies Mobile Game Review

I found each of their games are clones of other games, and have been seeing many of BitMango games get to the top positions on iOS and Android. Yet, BitMango frequently is in a position to outperform the originals, plus they appear to really have a successful formula, even though some might claim it’s morally questionable. I’d like to review their new game, one example, word cookies.
Word Cookies shares many similarities Letter Soup Cafe, to another popular game. The gameplay is indistinguishable. Words must be found by the player from specified letters. There are clean tiles in the top where words need to be filled. After all the tiles are whole, then the degree is beaten by the player. Minor things are duplicated. In both games the player can click a button to reshuffle the letters, despite the fact that this is just an aesthetic and doesn’t alter the word blends.
A few things does shift. While there are few to none in Letter Soup Cafe, there’s an excellent proliferation of advertising involving the degrees. Advertising sales clearly raises, but in addition annoys some players, which is visible in the reviews. Furthermore, there’s a more robust reward system to entice the player to return. word cookies was in a position to make it to the top immediately, having a large advertising spend upsurge.
Taking a look at the graphs below, the tops can be seen by us when it comes to status for every game.
You will find lots of things we are able to learn from this study. Individuals might have an adverse reaction towards BitMango, and that opinion is shared by me to an extent, but we are able to bring an optimistic message. It seems that there are games which never have exactly reached their potential due to a bunch of problems. BitMango is reliant on making several mods to the central game, finding games which can be decently successful, and then smash the copy with appropriate marketing.
Maybe an excellent game was made by an indie programmer, but does not have any comprehension of marketing and for that reason neglects. Or perhaps he was merely unlucky. If given the right support, it’s not realistic to believe that lots of games which didn’t exactly make it could. Instead of cloning games, in the event of BitMango, maybe we desire this hidden stone to be found by a hunter, give them the suitable support, and mutually share.

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