What one should expect at a hen party

Before people get started with life drawing or even attend a hen party life drawing session, there are so many questions they ask themselves about the whole process. As far as hen parties are concerned, the most important thing is to understand the basics or know what to expect. Basically, in most hen parties, one should expect a naked person. The person may either be a male or female model and their age will range from 20 years to 65 years. Since a hen party is mostly about drawing, the male or female model may pose naked at the center of the room.
The artists on the other hand will be sitting or standing in a circle surrounding the model. Most artists in hen parties carry sketch pads and easels among many other drawing materials. The atmosphere in the room is always tranquil and quiet and the artists will be chilled out with many hen do ideas hitting their minds. Typically, classes start with warm poses for a period of 30 minutes. For new artists and the rest, they will start by practicing with some quick poses. It is actually the model who makes those poses and will hold poses for about 5 minutes. During the 5-minute pose period, an artist must do a quick sketch of the model.
The poses will get longer and can last up to one hour. The model may be allowed to hold difficult poses and these are held for just 5 minutes. Where a model is required to do a long, difficult pose, the model will either sit or lie down. Although hen parties are more about drawing naked male or female models, there are also many hen do games the artists perform after drawing. One should also expect a teacher at the hen party. The teacher is there to help artists with any difficulties they may be facing.

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