Top uses of video walls

Why do companies invest in video walls?
Every company has its own needs for video deployment. Well, generally whatever the content you watch, it will be better in big screen or should we say screens. Based on the content organizations are looking to communicate its people they will decide on which video wall works best for its use. Here are the most common uses of video walls.
1. Visuals in giant screens
This is a very obvious reason that companies use Seamless Video Wall. It impresses the viewers with large videos displayed on multiple screens and the graphics. Modern lobbies can project beautiful visuals that even include live television onto their video walls.
2. One source per screen:
This is one of the big uses of the video wall which can never be achieved by a single screen. Multiple screens can display multiple content outlets. Showing different content per display is very helpful for corporations. The contents can be changed from computers and mobile devices. Using one single software, all these activities can be controlled.
3. Data communication:
In airports, railways’ stations and manufacturing industries where data charts are constantly displayed, this can be very handy. Flight information can be displayed on one screen. Departure time and arrival time can be displayed on the other screen. Flight status can be viewed on another screen. All these can be viewed in HD screen simultaneously.
4. Social media contents:
Most of the organization has their social media accounts to promote their organization. Bring all those accounts into one big monitor screen where everyone can watch what is trending about your organization. LED wall displays multiple social media contents at once.
5. Interactivity
You could have experienced this in movie theaters, airports, and malls. By bringing the touch pads into the content takes your LED wall to a new impressive world. It is almost a norm in theatres to book tickets these days.

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