Top safety features to consider in a generator

The best diesel generators on the market today have basic and advanced features. There are many additional options to select if you want a generator that can enhance efficiency, productivity and safety. One important feature to consider on any generator is safety switch. Shut off switches on diesel generators have the function of shutting off generators immediately power services are restored. When power services go out because of a thunderstorm for example, most homeowners start up their units manually and go back to the house for shelter. The power services will be restored without a warning.

If the generator is running when the power services are restored, the circuits inside a home could be overloaded. This factor can also damage the unit since utility voltage will be added to the power being produced by the generator. But if the generator comes with a shut off switch, voltage will be monitored by the add-on and once utility power services are restored, the shut off switch will shut down the unit automatically. If you have been having trouble with this factor lately and you own the Onan 7500 generator, make sure to read the onan 7500 quiet diesel generator service manual to know whether the generator can be repaired if damaged due to such cases.

Another safety feature on the onan 10000 quiet diesel generator is the transfer switch. The function of this switch is to monitor the voltage that comes in from a connection utility. Since this is a standby generator, electrical circuitry will be wired into this unit. Therefore, the transfer switch will monitor the voltage coming through all circuits and powering up lights in a room. In case of interruption of power, the transfer switch will signal the standby generator to power up. The generator will then power lights to the point where voltage is up again. It is still the transfer switch that will shut down the standby generator.

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