Top House Cleaning Tips

As a work at home Mom of FOUR children who are with me ALL day, people often wonder how I am able to do it all. Therefore I made the decision to share a few of Maid service Edmonton tips with you.

Be realistic in regards to housework and lower your expectations.

Recall…YOU’RE a working Mother. You get to do that work at home, but you are also doing it by small children underfoot. You have earned a pat on the back, not a guilt trip.

Determine what is important to your family and you and focus on those jobs.

For instance…in my house, the kitchen consistently gets cleaned immediately after it is dirtied. My “ick factor”

Is a sink that is grimy. Plus, we are in that room more. Kitchens and bathrooms tend to be more significant than other rooms because of the hygiene factor. Kid toys or a little dust underfoot? Ah, who cares? Plus, as my sister, a mother of 4 constantly says, stepping on Legos is free acupressure. My husband on the flip side, is into floorings. The whole house is actually a pig sty, however, if the floors are clean, the house is not dirty to him. Therefore I make it a point before he gets home to vacuum.

What makes your house clean? Make sure those jobs are done, which for many folks means having a simple routine which you do without thinking. As for the remainder…

Delegate, procrastinate, or outsource.

Make a decision as to that which you are able to delegate to a teen ready to bring in a few dollars or to hubby, your children. I believe the best method it is possible to spend $20 on your home based business is to pay a mother’s helper to come over for a number of hours while you do business, and clean or play together with your children. Be sure to are in possession of a long to do list at the ready and that means you do not squander your time checking e-mail or reading websites. (Who, me?)

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