Manga: Your guide to a new beginning

Youngsters or grown-ups, people all around the world have loved reading about fictional characters in comics or seeing them in cartoon/ animated movies. But there is a certain charm or rather, an interest arousing aspect in case of Manga. Being a Japanese word, this itself means cartoon in print. Even though Manga relays stories and a prominent entertainment area depicting Japanese culture, you will be surprised to see its popularity in American society too.
But as there are a number of genres in manga, how can you know which genre can hold your attention? Check out this info before you take a plunge in manga world.
Various genre of Manga
If you are a new reader and yet to read Manga, the foremost thing that you should know about is different genres of Manga. Few of the popular ones are:
• For adult men, it is Seinen
• Erotic fare or Ecchi
• For teenagers (girls), it is Shojo manga
• Murder and Crime or Suiri
• For children, it is Kodomo
• Historical drama or Jidaimono
• For adult women, it is Redisu
• For teenagers (boys), it is Shonen manga
Themes revolving around these genres
With hundreds and thousands of manga books available in the online platform, there are innumerable stories that cater to the reading taste of everyone. Few of the relevant themes in this context are:
• World domination after apocalyptic war (Shirayukihime to 7-nin no Shuujin)
• Human-animal hybrid stories (Naruto)
• Paranormal detective series (Psychic Detective Yakumo)
• Supernatural stories related to mages (Fairy Tail)
• Robot adventure with boy (Doraemon)
Easy way to begin with Manga
There are no specific rules when it comes to manga reading. But beginning with manga online sites is a much better option than buying comics. With numerous directories giving you a glimpse of stories from every genre, a reader can actually understand which storyline can keep them hooked.

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