Mac Mail could be slowing down El Capitan

If you are still using El Capitan and not Mac OS Sierra, the more recent and freely available OS from Apple, you might be facing an issue with Mac Mail and not even know about it. For some reason, for no apparent reason.
You might have experienced this when you have Mac Mail running in the background and when apps randomly fail in the foreground. The funny part is that Mac Mail itself might never fail. It might run well. But, for some reason, it might stall or freeze other apps that run along with it.
The easiest way to fix this problem is to simply get rid of Mac Mail. There are plenty of awesome free programs like Outlook or Live mail that will serve the purpose of Mac Mail, sometimes in a better manner.
If you are however a hardcore Mac Mail user and don’t want to use Microsoft or any other third party products, you can try updating Mac Mail and also your OS to see if either one has received a patch update that will prevent Mac Mail from slowing down or killing other apps on your Mac.
Since El Capitan is over 2 years old now, almost 100% of the Mac Mail problems can be fixed if you downloaded the update available for El Capitan or Mac Mail. If those updates have however not worked and you continue to face issues, you just might have no choice but to get rid of Mac Mail. Move from Mac Mail to Outlook but ensure that your old emails are moved when you make the transition. The last thing you want is to lose all your archives just because you entered some settings wrong. You can also temporarily use a web client to access your email, without using the desktop version of Mac Mail, to see if the problem will just go away given enough time.

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