Classification of different types of drones in sizes and categories

There are different types of drones for sale in the market. You can easily select one which you may want as a commercial and advanced drone. They are different from each other in sizes, features, models and prices too. But it can be defined only on the basis of sizes.

• Nano and mini drones
• Small sizes drones
• Medium sizes drones
• Large drones

1. Nano and Mini Drones
Nano and mini ones are the smallest drones on the whole planet. Nano drones are so small that have the same dimension as insects. On the other hand, mini drones are more energetic and powerful than Nano ones. Generally, these drones are used in the military due to its extremely small sizes. But it cannot fly more than 10-20 minutes and 1-2 km distance.
2. Small Sizes Drones
Drones with small sizes are found between 50cm to 2 meters. These drones are featured with amazing functions and more affordable prices than bigger drones. Mostly drones with small sizes are very popular and demanding in the market. These drones have the radius of 5 meters and can fly only between 20-40 minutes. These drones are the center of fun and entertainment for kids.
3. Medium Sizes Drones
Medium sizes drones have the capacity of 5-10 meters, continuously 6 hours and fly up to 50 km. These drones are more powerful than Nano and small drones. These drones are able to carry 200kg-weighted materials. These are not for ordinary use; these are used for transporting goods and by the military. Medium drones are neither extremely big nor they are too small.
4. Large Drones
As the name specifies, these drones are bigger sizes drones. These drones have the dimension like smaller aircraft and usually used by the army. These drones are equipped with weapons and missiles, and it can follow or attack suspicious targets. These are the best drones for the army.

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